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Symphony International is the leading name throughout India for High quality Wooden Flooring. We began our journey in 2000, providing high quality carpets along with fine Wooden Flooring. In 2004 we began specializing in Wooden flooring and ever since, our Flooring has been providing leading Architects, Interior Designers, Hotels, builders, and private Homeowners with quality products and expert services.



Making furniture is a rewarding way to express your individuality and to create beautiful objects.


Deck is a flat surface capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor, but typically constructed outdoors, often elevated from the ground, and usually connected to a building. Symphony's deck flooring stands out as one of the Finest Outdoor deck-wood flooring offered.






Solid wood floor represents a homogeneous construction of wood.

Solid Hardwood expands 30% more than engineered wood and therefore it is seasoned well to allow for such expansion. Solid wood flooring comes with seven coats of formaldehyde-free acrylic lacquer which is uv-cured so that the product does not get dusty. Solid Hardwood Floors are the most traditional style of Wooden Flooring. These planks are carved out of the wood lumber before being planed and finished. With Symphony you can look ahead to a choice of wood species in the most pure grades that are processed and finished in world class plants to give you a strong as well as beautiful Solid Hardwood Floor.



Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is a robust flooring constructed of 3 layers of top layer of hardwood, Middle layer Spruce/Conifer, Bottom layer Pine/Birch plywood. Engineered flooring was originally created to improve performance in higher humidity environments.

Engineered wood flooring has become the most popular choice for real wood floors for many homes. Its irresistible flooring is a great choice through the house, as it is available in a wide range of styles from traditional designs to Special designs - with Patterns and Features like Multi Tonal colors (Handcrafted designs with special finishes and textures). It gives a Rich and Elegant feel to the House, and real wood being a Natural Product Exudes an Irresistible warmth which is exemplified in our wide range. Our unique pattern options combine all the right elements of style and value to give you choices you never dreamed possible.

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Making furniture is an excellent way to learn woodworking skills. In these articles, we'll show you how to build yourself.

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Wooden flooring gives you a classical look that goes beyond centuries of style. With its natural, durable and eco-friendly properties, it’s no surprise that it has been people’s preferred choice of flooring for decades. “Wood is the most sustainable floor covering option out there. It’s the only one that’s naturally renewable. A solid wood floor can last hundreds and hundreds of years. Most other floor coverings are designed to be disposable, says Brett Miller, vice president of technical standards, training, and certification at the National Wood Flooring Association (USA).



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