Mafi-Walk On Art #

Mafi curates Artistic Renditions of Bespoke Wooden flooring.

Mafi-Walk On Art #

We design and craft your furniture to fit your needs, your budget, and your style. Our work is art in wood. We make custom designed furniture, including custom made luxury chairs, kitchen and dining furniture.

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January 18, 2022

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Our custom furniture is a great way to create a modern and elegant look for your home or office.

The finest in the industry - passionately hand crafted in Austria. Mafi uses a 100% ecologically friendly production process.

The range runs from classic country house planks via creative designs to customer-specific special productions. Almost all planks are manufactured in a symmetrical 3-layer construction. Thus, the planks are very stable, allow distinct dimensions and are ideal for installation on underfloor heating.

The dimensions are dependent on the product selected, but the maximum version is a plank five meters in length and 30cm in width.

The surface is finished with natural oils, is thus totally ecological and provides direct contact with the wood. We offer different types of wood, in different collations and surface finishes.

The  elegance created by MAFI not only has its aesthetic advantages, but is also wonderful for creating healthy living spaces. MAFI's chemical-free finish based on natural oils produces a breathable wood that harmonizes perfectly  with human skin.

A natural treatment of the parquet without any chemical  processing leads to an unadulterated wood surface. The naturalness of the floor is noticeable.

Symphony brings you specially crafted designer wood flooring from Austria. Mafi produces a work of art wooden flooring range.

The intricate designs and seamless fitting justify the International design awards and acclaims it has received.

Additionally, Mafi uses a completely ecological and pollutant free designer manufacturing process.

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This project gallery features some of the most beautiful designs, with lots of inspiration.

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