Chevron #

Chevron is very popular wood flooring is a really clever way of achieving a classy and classic floor with a timeless design.

Chevron #

We design and craft your furniture to fit your needs, your budget, and your style. Our work is art in wood. We make custom designed furniture, including custom made luxury chairs, kitchen and dining furniture.

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Our custom furniture is a great way to create a modern and elegant look for your home or office.

A chevron floor of this type is a great way to change an interior. Chevron engineered wood flooring resembles arrowheads. This is due to the side of the strip’s being cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

A chevron engineered wood flooring is a great choice, not only for apartments, but also for hotels and restaurants.

Chevron wood floor goes well with minimalist furniture on high legs. It works well with heavy furniture, curtains, and carpets.

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