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Chateau “My Home is My Castle” Natural and Stylish LIVING...

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We design and craft your furniture to fit your needs, your budget, and your style. Our work is art in wood. We make custom designed furniture, including custom made luxury chairs, kitchen and dining furniture.

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January 20, 2022

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Our custom furniture is a great way to create a modern and elegant look for your home or office.

Hand crafted floorboards with special lengths and widths Natural and Stylish LIVING... Exclusive long and wide parquet planks – Made in Germany.

The wide planks in this collection offer room-length dimensions with optimal  stability. The floor-length planks are being used more and more frequently.  

Large-scale rooms look even more spacious and impressive due to the plank  flooring, and smaller living objects are optically enlarged.

The chateau planks with their generous appearance will provide charm to any  room and provide additional visual depth.

In old buildings, they lend a  fitting, historical character. Whether in the private living area or in the  heavily used area, there's always a varied but harmonious surface appearance.

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This project gallery features some of the most beautiful designs, with lots of inspiration.

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