Questions and Answers

Does Symphony Wooden Floor come with any warranty?

Yes, our Symphony wooden flooring comes with warranties as per the product selected by you. Kindly contact our sales team, who will inform you about the appropriate warranty period offered on your selected wooden floor.

Can Symphony match the theme of décor as well, like Victorian, vintage or even a Moroccan theme, widely used in interiors?

Sky is the limit!! With wide varieties, colors and textures Symphony’s wooden flooring, can match any theme, style or taste whether contemporary, vintage, modern or Moroccan.

Symphony also offers the Roll Royce of Wooden flooring called “Chateau” from Germany. These wooden floorings are truly a marvel of nature with each plank upto a massive 17 feet long and a foot wide, jointless and individually hand finished. Such wooden flooring could only be seen in castles, palaces and mansions of Europe until Symphony embarked to bring it to India for the choicest few.

One of the characteristics of wooden flooring is that it expands; is Symphony Hardwood also prone to it?

All real woods are naturally prone to some expansion and contraction due to climate change. Symphony’s stringent quality systems minimize this natural occurrence.

The key to trouble free wooden flooring lies in appropriate selection of lumber, good kiln drying of woods and thereafter proper installation. Our well-trained installation team is trained to install wooden floorings as per strict installation guidelines of N. W. F. A., thus ensuring our customers enjoy a trouble free wooden flooring.

Why is Symphony wooden flooring considered as healthy / hygienic flooring to be put in your homes / offices?

Symphony offers wooden flooring, which do not harbour dirt, they are easy to clean and are non-allergic plus they are comfortable, look, feel pleasant to walk on and are easy to maintain. All reasons to choose Symphony wooden flooring for offices, homes, hotel rooms and public areas.

Symphony boasts of providing cushioned support and having a softer feel than floors like marble or stone?

It is a proven fact that Marble / stone flooring are very hard and cause muscle damage, since they do not absorb shock, but send back the shock waves generated when there is a fall. Wood is naturally shock absorbent; hence walking on wooden flooring is certainly less straining for children and elders. It is the ideal flooring, since major injuries are unknown when mishaps occur on real wood flooring, while a similar mishap on marble or stone flooring could lead to severe factures and physical hardships.

Real wood floor are also neutral in any climate; they do not heat up in summer nor are too cold in winter and therefore always pleasant to walk, sit or lie on without a need for any other floor covering.

How durable is it? Does it require to be replaced frequently?

Real wood floorings are as long lasting as their top layer. At Symphony, we offer Engineered Hardwood Flooring starting with top layer upto 6 mm and our Solid Hardwood Floor too are 18 – 20 mm thick, so that you can enjoy your wooden flooring experience for between 15 to 50 years depending on the type of flooring selected.

Can superficial scratches, heel marks, cigarette burns and water stains be removed?

Over the years due to constant heavy usage, if the floor requires re-finishing of scratches, heel mark and removal of hard stains, Symphony is equipped to restore the finishing of the wooden floor using state of the art finishing machines and trained professionals.

Planks severely scratched or damaged due to accident can be easily removed and replaced to make your wooden floor keep looking new forever.

Symphony claims to erase all traces of dirt in a mere swipe with a semi-dry mop. How is it possible especially in the Indian climate?

Contrary to common misconception, Symphony wooden flooring is very easy to maintain, since stains and dirt can be easily wiped away due to the special surface finishes. One does not even have to wet mop the floor each day, periodical mopping with a semi-wet mop, or vacuum is sufficient.

How does it keep stains away?

Hardwood Floorings offered by Symphony are coated with 7 layers of German – U. V. Lacquer. Lacquered surfaces are non-porous unlike stone, marble or other flooring options and therefore stains can be easily and effortlessly removed. Just a wipe is all it takes to keep your flooring looking new as ever.

What options are available in finishes and colors?

Symphony offers wooden flooring in the widest variety of colors, textures and finishes to suit individual tastes of the customers and architects. One can choose various options among open grain surface, brushed, smoked, hand sculpted, natural finished, anti scratch lacquered floors and luxurious custom finished oiled floors.

Symphony has experienced and well trained staff, who are well equipped to suggest the best option as per the customer’s taste or usage requirement.

What kinds of wood are generally used in Symphony flooring?

Symphony offers wooden flooring in different species sourced from around the World. From the most sought after North American Walnut, to contemporary woods like European Oak, Canadian Maple and the prized Burma Teak to exotic woods like Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Wenge and Sapele to name a few. Symphony’s continuous endeavor has been to offer the finest and most prized wooden species from around the world.

Why Symphony calls itself India’s finest wood flooring? What makes it different and the best among the lot?

For Symphony; wooden flooring is not just a product – it is a passion. We would like our customers to enjoy the natural beauty of hand picked and prime grade wood. We select the finest quality of woods from around the globe and have it produced under the most stringent and fastidious quality standards providing our customers with the finest wooden flooring experience.

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