Château — By Adler

The Ultimate wood floor extraordinaire Château by Adler offers huge widths of upto 35 cms and fantastic lengths of upto 17 feet!! Château is not an off-the-shelf-product, but is individually handcrafted in Germany from precious woods that have been selected individually and carefully.

Oiled surface

Château flooring is coated on site with special natural vegetable oils which are free of any toxins. Unlike synthetic lacquer which covers the top surface of wood; natural oil allows you to experience and feel each and every wood grain. Natural oiled floors are very easy to maintain.

Colour variations

Wood is a product of mother nature. And as all natural elements, no two pieces of wood are the same. Each and every single plank of wood has its own unique individual character, natural grain and color; therefore variation in wood planks is natural and normal. We at Symphony follow a very fastidious and stringent quality control over grading, manufacturing and finishing of the floor, so that you can experience the most exclusive and carefully selected wooden flooring in the world.

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